Scott Meech is one of the founders of EdReach.us:

We all want one thing- to take education forward. As much as we may argue, we still want what’s best for our future thinkers and creators.

Education has never gotten the voice that it’s truly deserved- just check any online newspaper and look for the education section. Keep looking- because you won’t find it there.

The Ed Reach Mission:

To take education forward, by bringing voices together

The Ed Reach Vision:

Ed Reach provides a platform for passionate, outspoken educators- aiming to strengthen their voices by highlighting innovation in the field of education, through reporting critical educational news, providing commentary, and offering criticism of the educational issues of the day.

The Ed Reach Values:

  • To give education a clear and resounding voice.
  • To be a platform for educational innovation.
  • To provide a new lens for educational exploration.
  • To be a leading voice in educational commentary and communication.
  • To provide support for developing leaders in the field of education.

If you believe as we do, we hope you’ll join us on this quest: to keep education relevant- every single day.

The EdReach Team

Scott Meech, Co-founder and Contributing Manager
Daniel Rezac, Co-founder and Brand Manager
Judith Epcke, Co-founder and Senior Editor
Jay D. Blackman, Co-founder and Technical Liaison

The EdReach Contribution Team

The EdReach Speakers Bureau 

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