– Who is Scott Meech?

Scott Meech began teaching full-time in 1995.  While Scott began his teaching career in Social Studies, he quickly realized his greatest educational interest was in the transformative nature of technology.  Scott was an early adopter and was regularly the test pilot for any and all new tech initiatives. Scott’s teaching quickly transformed from a traditional teacher-centered paradigm into a constructivist student-centered approach.  Meech earned his masters in education in curriculum and technology in 2005 and an educational leadership certificate through Johns Hopkins University in conjunction with the International Society of Technology and Education.

Scott is a founder of several online initiatives. is an Education Media Network dedicated to giving educators a bigger voice. App of Approval is an app development company focused on producing the most engaging and unique apps for children and education. I Education Apps Review is a community of educators helping each other by reviewing for iOS and Android devices.

Scott has been the recipient of several awards and recognitions including Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Certified Teacher. He is a Illinois Computer Educator Conference Co-Chair and a co-chair for several Students in Technology conference sites.

While he has a myriad of interests, his favorite pastime besides spending time with his wife and three daughters is studying the impact technology is making and can make on education. He believes that education is on the brink of major change and that technology will finally fulfill its promise.

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