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Scott currently works as the Director of Technology in Downers Grove District #58. He has a department blog that he works on it with the district Technology Facilitator and it is focused on improving our district’s integration of technology into the learning process, where you can find tips like:


I asked different groups of teachers in a quick activity to come up with 20 reasons for teachers to have a classroom web page. Here are our responses. Yes, some groups went over 20!  Do you have any other suggestions?  What are your must haves?

Twenty Reasons Why……

1. Post websites for kids
2. Communicate to parents
3. Homework assignments
4. Parent Resources
5. Parent Handouts
6. Curriculum Handouts
7. Pictures
8. Videos
9. Link to wiki page
10. Save paper
11. Communicate suggested books to read
12. Communicate example games to play for math
13. Replace E-board
15. How-to videos for parents and kids (instruction/flip classroom)
16. Post updates and reminders to parents
17. Post forms/lists/important documents
18. Post songs/podcasts
19. Discipline plan
20. Access 24/7 for families!!!!!

Another group … 

20.  Communications with parents
19.  Calendar of class events
18.  Student information center
17.  Homework assignment board
16.  Links to curriculum websites
15.  Photos of class events
14. Videos  of lessons
13.  Surveys to reinforce curriculum
12.  Principal “check in”  to see what’s happening
11.  Posting important documents (worksheets, fieldtrip permission, district policy)
10.  Link to classroom blog
9.  Good way to collaborate between classrooms
8.  Reading lists and challenges posted
7.  Book reviews from students (could include video or podcasts)
6.  Definition and links to various leveled readers for guided reading
5.  Links to PTA/ Community Events
4.  Shows personality and unity in your classroom
3.  SEL lessons and morning meeting suggestions
2.  Correlation to common CORE standards


The top reason is:

1.  It just makes us feel cool & tech saavy!

Another group...

Parent Newsletter/Communication
2. Student resources
3. Class Calendar
4. Blogging
5. Student/Teacher Ownership
6. Teaches tech responsibility
7. Classroom Updates
8. Homework
9. At home practice capability (math facts, etc.)
10. Highlight student work and accomplishments (pics, videos, podcasts, etc.)
11. Creating class community outside of the classroom
12. Sharing resources with teacher community
13. Potential of having a flipped classroom
14. Creating a classroom archive
15. Communication with students outside of your community
16. Enhance curriculum!
17. Allows students to show and tell
18. Promote online district resources (subscriptions, MIF access, etc.)
19. Parent resources
20. Good PR for teachers and school!
21. Built-in assignments to work on in class
22. Book List

Another group...

1.  Efficient communication – everyone can access the same information, including staff, students, parents.
2.  Motivational, as a positive image for the group, or specific classroom.
3.  Convenient access for internet resources at home and school.
4.  Extra review for subjects with slideshow, powerpoint, summary of concepts taught.
5.  Homework as an assignment notebook tool.
6.  Calendar of upcoming projects, assignments, tests, events.
7.  PDF’s of forms and assignments for parent and student access.
8.  Enrichment activities
9.  Classroom journal or blog discussion.
10. Scrapbook of what’s happening in our classroom with photographs.
11. Access to online catalog for LRC to check book availability, or put book on hold.
12. Community link to explore activities which relate to curriculum.
13. Helpful hints for study skills, organizing, or taking notes.
14. PTA Connections and updates
15. Professional Development
16. Celebrations- classroom rewards earned,etc.
17. Reading Ideas – Book Lists
18. Reflections on a reading assignment
19. Teacher newsletter
20. Sharing apps or resources with parents for extra help
21. Room mom tab to organize parties, or search for chaperones.

Do you have any other suggestions?  What are your must haves?
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