I have been asked a lot about my commute and if I use a lot of “Books on Tape”. Don’t you love it when non-techie people still talk about the tapes! My response is how I listen to all the different podcasts and use my time to “LEARN” in a myriad of ways… Honestly, I cherish my commute right now… Although, let’s be honest, I should keep in mind how things might change when you ask me January 12th, a Monday morning, as it is snowing with gale force Chicago winds, etc.

David Jakes talks about asking teachers if they are willing to take fifteen minutes a day to “learn”? Fifteen minutes can be a very productive amount of time as well as being a very manageable amount of time. Fifteen minutes isn’t really asking for too much is it? Just imagine what I can accomplish with my 1 and 1/2 hour to 2 hour commute!

While I have used my time to learn a lot during the commute, I have begun to think about ways to use that time to also produce as well. Hmmm… I can’t blog well during my commute even though I like services like Jott, Evernote, Reqall and several other tools that let you by phone. Communicating with others via phone and Skype has been fairly productive as well.

Let’s see… Well, lately I have been working hard to use Journler which is a program for Macs to keep track of my daily interactions with teachers, etc.

The nice feature about this program is the ability to add pictures, sound and video directly into your journal. The nicest aspect of these features is that I can add quick information and don’t have to waste time typing. Each journal entry has categories, titles, and TAGS! I love the tagging aspect as I have created a scheme to help organize my thoughts and make things very easy to retrieve.

Here is a video I used to capture my thoughts about my commute that I have tucked away in my Journler:

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