Classroom 2.0 Live “unconference”

If you are near Chicago, Illinois or know of educators in this area, please spread the word about the Classroom 2.0 Live “unconference” that will be held at my school November 7 and 8. We’re looking for participants and sponsors! More information can be found here:

An “unconference” is simply a meet up of people interested in a particular topic. In this case, people interested in collaborative technologies and education will be meeting to share and discuss ideas. This is event is not focused on individual presenters being “a sage on the stage” and generally is more informal. Participants propose topics, help organize the structure of the day, and sometimes as as leaders or faciliatators for sessions.

Several of these events have already been held in cities around the country with great success ( and are an outgrowth of Steve Hargadon’s Classroom 2.0 ning:

(reposted from a message from Lucy Gray)

Integrating Technology into the Classroom

I believe every teacher has the responsibility to promote an open, safe and positive classroom. Three things that a teacher would need to know about their students to help create the type of classroom that I desire is knowing the students’ ability level, their discipline issues, and if they have any disabilities.The student’s ability is the broadest of issues. Student ability includes technical skills, reading and writing ability, communication, and any class specific skill. In order to truly teach a student to the best of their abilities, you have to know where they are at prior to your teaching.
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